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How to Find the Right Estate Agent

If you simply go window shopping for the right property for sale Marylebone probably won’t deliver what you are looking for, and you really need to work with an estate agent who has a good knowledge of the local market. The right agent understands your needs and is totally committed to helping you to find the perfect property in this sought after and highly desirable central London neighborhood. Choosing the right estate agent is easy if you keep in mind these tips:

Research Is Important

Friends and family members who have bought a house are probably only too happy to give you the name of an estate agent that they are happy with and would recommend. However, you will need to narrow down this list further and you can do that by better understanding how the agent works with a visit to their office. You want your agent to find the right property for you and this is one way to increase the chances of that happening.

Be Specific

The job of finding the perfect property should always be handled by a specialist and not by someone who is a jack of all trades. Using the services of an agent familiar with residential property is a must if you are buying or selling residential property, and if your focus is commercial property the same thing applies – you want to work with an agent experienced in that field.

Ask Questions

Make sure you come up with a list of relevant questions to ask the agent that you feel you would like to work with. Of course, you want to know the exact purchase price of the property and the methods of payment that are acceptable, but you also need to know the property’s condition. Specifically, whether any renovation work is needed or whether you will be purchasing the property as is.

The Bottom Line

If your goal is to find the ideal property for sale Marylebone agent should be your first and only choice. The agents at Jeremy James have the local knowledge, experience and expertise to find the right deal for you and can be contacted by email or phone.