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How Often Should You Change Your Windows


Replacing the windows of your home can be an expensive project, but the costs can be recovered if you do the job properly. In addition to reduced energy costs, window replacement can add value to your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers. Even if you’re settled into your home for the long term, having new windows fitted can make it more attractive and easier to maintain.

Complete replacement of windows isn’t the only option, and there are times when some routine maintenance is all that’s needed. The type of windows installed in your home is an important factor in how often they need replacing. Vinyl and aluminum windows generally require less maintenance than the wooden type, but high quality wood can last for decades if properly cared for.


Other than looking dated and showing signs of wear and tear, there are several signs that you need to repair or replace windows. If they don’t open or close properly, some adjustment or simple repairs may be all that’s needed. Draughts and leaks are signs of more serious issues, and it’s worth speaking to a tradesman if these problems persist. Noise from outside is also a sign that windows may need replacing.  Modern double and triple pane windows contain air for insulation, and noise entering your home is a sign that the air has escaped due to leaks.

Loss of heat from your home can be dealt with by installing heavy-duty window coverings, but this shouldn’t be seen as a long term solution. Leaks and problems with seals will get worse over time if they aren’t dealt with. Condensation forming between panes is another problem caused by windows not being sealed properly, and this can lead to the formation of mold. Damp can also become a problem in your home if cold air and water are entering around window frames.

Replacing one or two windows at a time is something homeowners may consider if problems are limited to specific parts of a property. For example, if one side of a house is exposed to the elements the windows will need replacing more often than those on sheltered sides. Generally speaking, it’s more cost effective to have a complete set of windows installed at the same time. The installation team will be on site and fully employed on a larger project rather than visiting to work on one or two windows.

If in doubt about the need to replace your windows, speak to a reputable company for advice.