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Best Five Things About Buying an Older Home

Older Home

Older homes are a great real estate investment for a whole bunch of reasons, but here are the top five best things about buying an older home.

Older Home

  1. You save money in a number of ways. Price is a big factor for most people’s home buying budget. Usually you can get more square footage for an equal or lesser price if you invest in an older home. Many home buyers won’t even look at an older home, so by considering all the options within your budget you may end up with more home than you thought possible. You may be closer to your city’s center, reducing transportation costs, or you may get a break on your property taxes. All these considerations count when figuring out the cost of owning any home.
  2. Older homes are generally constructed better. Thicker walls, solid doors, real hardwood floors and good roof and wall framing materials are among the advantages to an older home. Sometimes with older homes these things may need to be repaired with the help of Johnson Construction Company LLC Many older homes have been updated and remodeled to increase the insulation and replace windows, so be sure to ask your realtor for a list of all updates. A really old house may have timber frame construction or old-growth wood materials, which makes that home particularly irreplaceable.
  3. If you’re looking for character and charm, older homes have plenty of that. From architecture to interesting nooks and crannies, older homes have features you just can’t find in bland new homes. The original builders made a one-of-a-kind treasure and put their hearts into making it interesting. Gorgeous fireplaces, majestic staircases and functional attic spaces are among the unique features of an older home.
  4. Older homes are usually in good, stable neighborhoods. While this may not be true in all cases, you’ll usually find older homes in stable neighborhoods with good neighbors. You aren’t just buying a house–you’re buying into schools, stores, parks and community. It’s nice to move into an established part of town where people have been living happy lives for many years.
  5. You can buy a house that needs remodeling… or not. Many old homes have been remodeled to bring in modern amenities while still preserving the character of the building. Others are projects, and you can putter around every weekend for a lifetime putting your own stamp on your own home. If you enjoy home improvement and decorating, an older home might be just what you’re looking for. But, there are many older homes available that don’t need any work at all, so shop around.

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